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Ultimaxx Engage is a Pre-Wash Concentrate to help lift stubborn dirt from your vehicle prior to washing. It is safe to use on ceramic and wax coated vehicles. Engage is step 1 in the safe washing process. Pre wash is crucial for the safe maintenance when cleaning your ceramic coated car. Long dwell times can be safely achieved without stripping any wax or ceramic away from your protected vehicle. Features PH Balanced safe Citrus Pre-Wash. Pleasant Citrus Odour. Extremely Economical. For use by Professionals and Enthusiasts alike. Applications Paintwork. All Plastics. Magnesium (Perfect for Delicate Motorcycle parts). Titanium (Perfect for Delicate Motorcycle parts). Carbon Fibre. GRP. Alloy Wheels. Glass. Directions Shake Ultimaxx Engage gently prior to use. Apply a correctly Diluted (see label) solution through a manual pump spray or snow foam lance to all surfaces. Apply Ultimaxx Engage from the bottom of the vehicle to the top. Leave for approximately 2-3 minutes, DO NOT allow the solution to dry. Fully rinse the vehicle. Precautions Please ensure when applying Ultimaxx Engage that you wear Nitrile Gloves, taking care not to ingest any of the product. DO NOT apply in extreme heat conditions above 32°C.