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NanoMaxx, Ceramic Coating (50ml)

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NanoMaxx, Ceramic Coating (50ml)


Ultimaxx NanoMaxx is a supremely user friendly Ceramic Coating, that can be applied by an enthusiastic amateur or a consummate Professional.

Ulitimaxx NanoMaxx is Air Dried after 1 hour, and therefore a second coating can be applied for added durability.

It is safe to use on all paintwork, painted plastics, carbon fibre, and bright work.

Always use Ultimaxx Panel Prep prior to application of Ultimaxx NanoMaxx.



  • 12 months durability
  • 115° Water Bead Angle
  • Excellent Gloss Levels
  • Air Dried Within 1 Hour
  • Easily Layered After 1 Hour
  • Perfect for Applying Outdoors
  • Low Alcohol Content
  • Multitude of Applications, Including all Plastics
  • Applications


  • All Plastics
  • Magnesium (Perfect for Delicate Motorcycle parts)
  • Titanium (Perfect for Delicate Motorcycle parts)
  • Carbon Fibre, and Bright Work
  • GRP
  • Alloy Wheels


  • Ensure all surfaces are correctly prepared and decontaminated using Ultimaxx Panel Prep.
  • Shake the product gently prior to use.
  • Using an Ulitmaxx Applicator Block wrap the Suede around the block, and apply several drops to the suede.
  • Drag the block and suede down the panel to be treated, then go over in a criss-cross pattern making sure you apply evenly, working in an area of approximately 18 inches square. Repeat the process as required.
  • Dependent on ambient temperatures please allow between 45-90 seconds before removing with an Ultimaxx 600gsm Buffing Cloth, ensuring you fold the cloth after each removal process. This will ensure a smooth and even finish without smears.


  • If applying another layer, please allow 1 hour between coats, making sure Nannomaxx Ceramic has been fully buffed off first.
  • For general maintenance washes please use Ultimaxx Slick Foam, followed by Ultimaxx Slick Wash.
  • Prior to drying your vehicle use Ultimaxx Get-Set to ensure a faultless, spot free rinse.
  • Dry your vehicle with an Ulitmaxx 1000gsm Drying Towel
  • Use Ultimaxx Show-Time to boost gloss and hydrophobic properties at any time


  • Please ensure when applying NannoMaxx Ceramic you wear Nitrile Gloves, and appropriate eye protection, taking care not to ingest any of the product.
  • We recommend you use 2 Ultimaxx Buffing cloths per vehicle. Wash the cloth immediately after use.
  • DO NOT apply in extreme heat conditions above 32°C
  • Only use 1 Suede Cloth per Vehicle
  • Please store Ultimaxx NanoMaxx safely away from children.