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X-Kote Gallery

2k clearcote for studio based detailers. Enquire within for training days.

Huge labour intensive product, way faster turnaround times. Way better gloss than any machine correction can achieve.

Ultimaxx are the uk/Germany/Dutch distribution agents and the training facility.

X-kote is not a “do it yourself” product. It is a professional service available only at licensed X-kote centers. If you are interested in having your vehicle, airplane, helicopter or boat X-kote’d, please call us at 07990 586585, and we will gladly direct you to the nearest X-kote centre.

X-kote is a 2 component (2K) Automotive clearcoat that is applied by hand. X-kote is very similar in nature and chemistry to today’s spray on clearcoats . The key to this unique technology is both X-kote’s ability to self level completely flat when applied by hand, and X-kote’s proprietary chemical adhesion process. Typical spray on clearcoats adhere mechanically, meaning they rely on a sanded or scuffed surface to adhere. Without this sanded or scuffed surface, that type of clearcoat will delaminate or peel off. X-kote’s adhesion however, is a chemical process. X-kote actually cross links (becomes an integral part of) the original paint, rather than adhering on top, like a spray on clearcoat would. This type of adhesion is much reliable and consistant, and allows for application without sanding or scuffing.

X-kote permanently repairs heavy scratches and scuffs, and brings faded, weathered, sand blasted paint back to it’s original factory lustre. Application time is reduced to a fraction of the time it takes to spray, resulting in much faster turn around times and considerably lower costs. The end result looks, feels, and is as permanent as the factory coating.

Because X-kote is virtually the same as a spray on clearcoat, it is 100% paint shop compatible and can be painted over at anytime.

X-kote and the environment:

In today’s green conscious world, X-kote is an incredibly efficient and green alternative to re-spraying. As X-kote is hand applied and not sprayed, coverage is maximized and wastage is greatly minimized. An entire car can be completely covered with less Product than it would take to spray a bumper. This results in far less harmful greenhouse causing V.O.C.’s being emitted into the atmosphere.